One Easy Change To Retain and Attract Employees

On May 3, 2022


So, how about that “Great Resignation?”

With over 10 million job openings across all demographics in the United States, chances are your business is being hit hard, too. Turnover rates are higher than we’ve ever seen and the labor market is extremely competitive. Employers are having to make tough decisions right now to stay competitive.

Ideally, being short-staffed would be a temporary problem; however, current trends show that filling openings will not get easier any time soon. This means the remaining employees will be forced to pick up the slack. When staff members struggle to keep up, you run the risk of losing them or disappointing customers–sometimes even being forced to turn away new business.

Think about it: your staff will become burned out waiting for you to fill open positions. Adding cleaning tasks can breed resentment and dissatisfaction (assuming these tasks don’t just fall to the bottom of the priority list… again and again).

The Easy Fix

Use Green Clean Commercial Premium Staffing Services. This is the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to your endless to-do list, and it can have a huge impact on your employees, clients, and bottom line. We are great at what we do. Our premium staffing employees have been a big help to many companies that are likely in the same boat as yours.

Outsourcing your housekeeping staff to Green Clean is a great way to save the time and resources of the HR department and your department, too! Also, your management team and you are still able to manage our staff the best way you see fit. In addition to Housekeeping staff members, we also have a network of providers such as plumbers, maintenance professionals, and landscapers to help service your facilities.

So, whether your previous staffing solution has fallen through, or you can’t keep positions in the janitorial or housekeeping departments filled, hiring Green Clean as your staffing solutions company specialized in housekeeping services will be a huge benefit to your success.

Need help?

Green Clean is a nationwide commercial cleaning and staffing solutions company, and we provide customized services and staffing solutions to meet our client’s needs.


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