Why Hire an Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Service?

On Aug 15, 2022

Over 80 percent of Americans find it important to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Are you wondering why? It’s because of the many benefits green cleaning products provide for your health and the environment. It’s important to find a commercial cleaning service that uses green cleaning products.

Green cleaning does make a difference in your home or workplace. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products. We’ll also explain why it’s important that the commercial cleaning service that you hire uses green products.

What Does It Mean to Be Green?

Green cleaning products don’t contain hazardous or harsh chemicals. This means that the ingredients used in green products are natural and/or non-toxic.

Harsh chemicals can include but aren’t limited to ammonia, phthalates, bleach, and chlorine. All these ingredients can pose health risks when used in your home or business. However, they are normal ingredients found in everyday products like toilet bowl and oven cleaners.

There are many benefits to using green cleaning products. Using green products not only benefits you and your health, but it also benefits the environment.

These cleaning chemicals are also toxic to the environment. When these cleaning products wash into nearby water runoff, they can pollute natural bodies of water.

This can overproduce algae which can kill aquatic life. This disturbs the ecosystem beyond repair.

Green products improve the air quality when they’re used. This means cleaner and more breathable air for you and those around you.

This contributes to helping climate change and doesn’t contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. This is because green products don’t give off any pollutants when sprayed or used.

If you’re still curious, here’s more information on how to identify eco-friendly cleaning products.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

There are many benefits to using green cleaning products. Using green products not only benefits you and your health, but it also benefits the environment.

So, what are the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products?

Some common natural cleaning ingredients are baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, and Castile soap. These ingredients won’t put your health at risk because they don’t include harsh and irritating chemicals.

When using green or clean ingredients in a cleaning product, there is less risk of it containing allergens. This means that the cleaning product won’t contain any irritating ingredients. Harsh ingredients can irritate sensitive respiratory and sinus systems.

Another benefit to using eco-friendly products is that it doesn’t contain any harsh smells or perfumes. This is especially beneficial for those with sensitive respiratory systems. Green products will often use essential oils and other natural ingredients to produce a natural scented product.

A big benefit of using green cleaning products is that the surfaces you’re cleaning will last longer. This is because the chemicals used in traditional cleaning products will wear down your appliances and surfaces much faster than friendly clean products.

Overall, green cleaning products are better for your health and the environment. They provide cleaner air and a healthier alternative to your skin and lungs. You won’t have to worry about skin or lung irritants.

Green cleaning products are sustainable and will not harm the environment in water runoff or pollute the air. The best part is that they’re just as effective as regular cleaning products. Going green is the better choice!

Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service?

If you’re considering hiring a commercial cleaning service, here are some benefits of hiring a green cleaning service.

A commercial cleaning company goes above and beyond with cleaning. Green cleaning involves pristine equipment that won’t contribute to pollution. This means that you will save time and money by hiring a green office cleaning service.

A green cleaning service will also know the most productive ways to clean the office. This means they won’t use too much product because green cleaning is also conscious of waste. You can trust that a cleaning service cares about the products they’re using and how much they’re using.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service that uses green products will also help the well-being of your coworkers. By using non-toxic and eco-friendly products, you are creating a work environment that is safe and healthy for everyone in the office.

The health, morale, and productivity of your workplace will boost after hiring a green cleaning service. Working in an office with cleaner surfaces and cleaner air has been proven to help employees feel productive. Since eco-friendly products are a socially conscious choice, they can help keep your business’s reputation pristine.

Why Should You Hire Us?

We work hard to bring satisfaction to your business. Our only desire is to clean sustainably and to upkeep the health of our employees and yours.

We understand the impact that regular cleaning products have on the health of those around us and the environment. This is why green cleaning is so important to us.

We train our professional cleaners through a rigorous program. This is to ensure they understand how to properly use and clean with green products. The training will be completed annually to ensure a thorough clean at every job.

Hire a Green Cleaning Service Today

Hiring a green commercial cleaning service will ensure your workplace is clean and free of pollutants or harsh chemicals. This will boost morale and health in the office.

Health is the most important thing when it comes to keeping a productive office within your company. Without it, a business cannot effectively run well.

We have offered green cleaning to many satisfied clients all over the country. Contact us to get a quote today!

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