Two Ways A Poorly Cleaned Office Affects Your Business

On Jun 28, 2021

Your employees spend more time in their workplace than in any other space, second only to their own homes. That environment and how it makes occupants feel can affect everything from morale and engagement to concentration and productivity. Feng shui matters folks! And while you won’t catch us offering tips on interior decor, we can break down why the cleanliness of your workplace is so important.

Before we dive in, let’s paint the picture: Coffee rings on conference tables, spoiled food in the communal fridge, or bathrooms that have gone too long between cleanings…



It isn’t any secret that a poorly cleaned workspace is distracting. Unpleasant smells wafting from the trash and dusty monitors are, at the most basic level, additional stimuli competing for your attention throughout the workday. The more of these distractions, especially those within an employee’s line of sight, the more it will affect their focus.

In addition to being distracted, it’s easy to lose important documents in a poorly cleaned office and be slower to respond to a customer’s requests. That means prospects and current clients could also be affected by a lack of cleanliness.



The cleanliness of your workplace also has a direct impact on your team’s morale. While clutter and messy stacks of papers can increase anxiety and stress levels (research shows it increases cortisol levels), it also sends the message that leadership isn’t concerned with employees’ health and comfort.

On the other hand, ensuring their workplace is clean is a great way to demonstrate that your employees are valued. Valued employees are happier employees, and happy employees stick around. Lower turnover rates, anyone?

It’s also important that your space presents a great first impression, just as much as the service your team provides. The last thing you want is for employees to be ashamed by a poorly cleaned office when meeting with customers, vendors, or other guests visiting your space,

At the end of the day, you set the tone for how your workplace looks and feels. A dirty office space lowers standards across the board, but if you prioritize cleaning, your workforce will too.

What do you want your office to say to your employees and your clients?


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