The Best Winter Cleaning Checklist For Commercial Spaces

On Oct 12, 2023

If you’re among the 90% of Americans hunkering down indoors this winter, a thorough winter cleaning checklist is essential.

With closed windows and more people indoors, that’s a perfect scenario for more dust, clutter, and germs.

You can experience a spotless workspace, boosting both health and productivity. We provide comprehensive, eco-friendly services tailored to your needs. Let’s dive into our essential winter cleaning checklist.

Kickstart With Decluttering

The first order of business on our winter cleaning checklist is professional decluttering. It’s time to face those piles of paperwork, dusty furniture, and miscellaneous items accumulated over time.

Our team will sort through everything. We recycle or shred papers that are no longer relevant. If the furniture is gathering dust, we can assist in arranging for its donation or sale. Clearing these items creates more room and makes the rest of the cleaning tasks much more manageable.

The cherry on top? A clutter-free workspace can boost productivity levels. Your team will spend less time searching for things and more time focusing on their tasks. If decluttering seems overwhelming, remember that our corporate cleaning services are always ready to help.

Organize For Efficiency

Once we’ve decluttered, it’s time to organize. We start by categorizing items based on how often you use them. We store frequently used items nearby and less used items in cabinets or drawers.

Next, we check the layout of your workspace. We clear walkways for easier movement and arrange office equipment and supplies to match the workflow for better efficiency.

Remember, organization is an ongoing process. Encourage your team members to maintain tidiness in their work areas and shared spaces. This collective effort will complement our professional services, helping keep your workspace organized and efficient.

Wage War Against Dust

Dust has a knack for finding its way into every nook and cranny. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can also trigger allergies. Our team employs microfiber cloths or dusters to combat this unseen enemy on our winter cleaning checklist.

We focus on shelves, windowsills, and other surfaces. We clean your electronics frequently as dust can hinder the performance of keyboards, screens, and other devices. Regular wipe-downs are part of our service.

And our battle against dust doesn’t stop there. We inspect your air vents and change filters in your heating and cooling systems. It might not be the most exciting task, but it makes a significant difference. We help improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens and irritants.

Deep Clean Carpets

Winter can be harsh on your carpets. Increased indoor activity means more foot traffic. And dry winter air can create static electricity in carpets, attracting even more dust and dirt.

Regular carpet cleaning is a must during these colder months. Our team vacuums at least twice a week using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. These filters excel at trapping smaller particles of dust compared to traditional ones.

But vacuuming alone won’t suffice. We recommend scheduling a deep clean with our commercial cleaners twice a year. We’ll help eliminate embedded dirt and stains to keep your carpet looking its best.

Maintain Air Quality

In winter, people tend to stay indoors with windows shut to keep warm. However, this can lead to poor air quality, which is why it’s a crucial part of our winter cleaning services. Our team replaces HVAC filters to trap dust and allergens, ensuring your indoor environment stays fresh throughout the season.

We also make sure your workspace has proper ventilation. We advise on the best practices such as opening windows when possible, using exhaust fans, or installing an energy recovery ventilator for optimal air circulation.

Soft surfaces like sofas, cushions, and carpets can trap dust and allergens. Our team will meticulously vacuum and clean these items to keep your indoor air quality at its best.

We opt for green cleaning products and avoid using paints, adhesives, or other products that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus reducing chemical pollution.

Air purifiers can be a great addition to your workspace. These devices filter out dust, allergens, and other airborne particles, producing cleaner air. We also suggest plants or natural-based air fresheners to enhance indoor air quality.

Don’t Forget About Windows

Winter cleaning isn’t only about the inside of your workspace. The outside matters, too. With winter comes rain, snow, and other elements that can leave windows looking grimy and dull.

Regularly clean your windows with a mild detergent or window cleaner. Be sure to wipe off any excess moisture to avoid streaks. You’ll be surprised at how much more natural light will shine once your windows are squeaky clean.

Surface Sanitization

With winter being a prime time for cold and flu viruses, regular sanitization of high-touch areas can help keep these unwelcome guests at bay.

Our team takes special care to sanitize desks and workstations, keyboards and mice, phones, door handles and light switches, shared kitchen appliances, and restroom surfaces. These areas can become hotspots for germs, and our thorough disinfection can make a big difference!

Deep-Clean Upholstery and Furniture

Upholstery and furniture can need a deep clean now and then. Over time, upholstery and furniture can accumulate dirt and stains that detract from their appearance. But with professional help, they can look fresh and attractive again.

Consider commercial cleaning companies that specialize in deep cleaning methods. They have the expertise and equipment to tackle hard-to-reach places and stubborn stains.

Not only will this leave your furniture and upholstery looking great, but it’ll also extend their lifespan, making it a wise investment.

Wrap Up Your Winter Cleaning Checklist

A winter cleaning checklist is crucial for maintaining a healthy and productive workspace. From professional decluttering to managing air quality, our services ensure your commercial space remains in top shape throughout the winter season.

You can relax by engaging Green Clean Commercial in St. Charles, MO, while we handle the heavy-duty tasks. We offer professional and eco-friendly corporate cleaning services, prioritizing health, safety, and social consciousness in all our cleaning practices.

So, let us roll up our sleeves and get cleaning! Your workspace (and team members) will appreciate the fresh and clean environment. And while we take care of your cleaning needs, you can reward yourself with a hot cup of cocoa. Happy winter from Green Clean Commercial!

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