Sustainable Approaches To Retail Cleaning Services

On Jan 18, 2023

Sustainable Approaches to Retail Cleaning Services

Owning a retail store means more than just purchasing and selling items–it is about people. You do not want your customers to complain about the cleanliness of your store, nor do you want them to become ill because of a neglect to disinfect all surfaces. Therefore, you try to find retail cleaning services to improve your location’s image and keep your customers safe. This is sustainability on a customer level.

But did you know that standard retail cleaning practices can actually cause even greater harm? Consistent exposure to the common chemicals found in cleaning products can damage the respiratory system of the user and can cause other lasting health problems. Additionally, the disposal of these chemicals can pollute our groundwater. Focusing on sustainable approaches to retail cleaning services can benefit not only your customers but the whole world.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability comes from the word “sustain,” which can mean “to nourish.” In its practical sense, sustainability is about the dedication of individuals and organizations to doing what they can to promote the health of people, the environment, and the economy. It is about nourishing the people and environment so that current and future generations can live and thrive here. Despite what is commonly thought, sustainability is not only about the health of the environment. Instead, it has to do with social consciousness on both an individual and global level.

When organizations commit to sustainability, they focus on balancing their use of natural resources. Additionally, they commit to keeping people healthy and ensuring their social and economic rights are respected. Owners and managers can apply sustainable practices to nearly every area of business. Green Clean Commercial is dedicated to helping retail store owners and managers achieve their sustainability goals.

Healthy for People, Healthy for Your Business

For businesses that are committed to sustainable practices, it is essential that they ensure their cleaning services are utilizing green cleaning programs. Green cleaning is about protecting people’s health and minimizing the adverse environmental effects. Sustainable, green cleaning practices can result in healthy customers and employees and a healthy business.

On the environmental side of sustainability, when retail stores utilize green cleaning services, they are helping decrease air and water pollution. This results in a clean store and clean air.

For people, including workers and customers, sustainable approaches to retail cleaning can reduce health problems that might have been due to mold, bacteria, or chemical sensitivities.

Your retail business will also benefit economically from sustainable cleaning practices. Green cleaning increases worker satisfaction, productivity, and retention, and it can reduce costs associated with sick leave and productivity loss. Lastly, sustainable cleaning services can boost your store’s reputation as a socially conscious business.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to sustainable approaches to retail cleaning services, business managers will want to hire a service that focuses on improving indoor air quality. The first step that a sustainable cleaning service will take towards this is identifying any current sources of indoor air pollution. These can include mold, bacteria, dust, pesticides, gases, and even chemicals previously used for cleaning.

Once the cleaning team identifies the sources of indoor pollutants, they will take steps to eliminate them as far as possible. For example, Green Clean Commercial’s cleaners use HEPA filters in their vacuum cleaners and floor equipment to eliminate dust.

In addition to current air pollutants, a sustainable cleaning service will ensure they are not using any possible contaminants to clean the location. This means that they will use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. Using these products will give your retail store a healthier indoor air quality score.

Recycling and Reducing Waste

In the commercial cleaning industry, reducing waste should be a top priority. Commercial and institutional buildings in the U.S. consume over 6.2 billion pounds of chemicals, 4.5 billion pounds of sanitary paper, and 1 billion pounds of cleaning equipment each year. All of this goes to the landfill, but it does not have to be that way. The sustainable approach to commercial cleaning is designed to reduce waste.

Green Clean Commercial has implemented recycling programs to recycle and reuse cleaning products. Additionally, green cleaning focuses on using post-consumer recycled paper and sanitary products. Another way to reduce waste in commercial cleaning is to eliminate the use of plastic garbage bags and liners where possible. Using microfiber cloths is a further way to reduce waste, as they are entirely reusable.

Using Green Cleaning Products

One of the most important aspects of a sustainable retail cleaning service is the decision to decrease the use of both harmful chemicals and single-use plastic materials. Single-use plastic products are not necessary for cleaning, and the fact that it takes between 20 and 500 years for plastic to decompose does not support the idea of using it. A sustainable retail cleaning service like Green Clean Commerical uses items made from sustainable materials, such as refillable bottles made from recycled materials.

Inside these bottles, cleaning services that are dedicated to sustainable practices will use green cleaning products that do not contain toxic chemicals, such as those from petroleum products. Green cleaning products also clean as effectively as harsher chemicals and have the added benefit of keeping people healthy. It is also vital that sustainable retail cleaning services utilize green cleaning training programs to ensure that the team can clean efficiently and systematically for a consistent result every time. This training also focuses on training the team to reduce waste and water usage where possible.

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For retail locations dedicated to sustainability, hiring a green cleaning service can lead to healthier employees, customers, and brand equity. With sustainable retail cleaning services available across the United States and Canada, Green Clean Commercial can help you make your retail locations consistently healthy, clean, and safe.

From a commitment to green cleaning practices to a standard of being capable ladies and gentlemen, our employees are professionals who care. Rather than using cleaning products that cause more harm than good, Green Clean Commercial is committed to using methods and materials that cut down on environmental impact and keep your store clean for your employees and customers.

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