Re-Opening in the Midst of a Labor Shortage

On May 19, 2021

How Cleaning Industry Leaders have Adapted as Americans Return to Work

As America reacted to Coronavirus, we saw employees switch modes of work to a work from home model, and millions of Americans were laid off altogether. In the last 14 months, people acclimated to the convenience of working without commuting, ordering out, and had the flexibility to take small breaks in the workday to do a load of laundry. With the current State of the Union,  Americans are becoming vaccinated and businesses are reopening. The pull to get employees back into the office has proven difficult. Critical cleaning services have been inconsistent and workers are hard to come by- leaving businesses scrambling for a solution to move forward. With concerns for health, American workers are resistant to forfeit their remote work setups without the safety net of a strict cleaning regimen within the workplace.

The Washington Post reports on a previous career cleaning business owner based in Detroit, Alison Detrick. She slashed her hourly cleaning rate in half last summer in order to lure clientele back into allowing her to continue working through the pandemic. When two of her clients fell ill to coronavirus and she was forced to quarantine, she lost a month’s wages. The detriment from the lack of work caused her to leave the cleaning industry altogether- a painstaking decision after a lifelong career of establishing return cleaning customers. She now works in a call center and has no plans to return to the cleaning industry. 

The White House reports that 1.3 million Americans that initially found themselves unemployed when COVID first hit, have still not returned to work. As businesses ramp back up, universal cleaning and sanitation expectations are completely different than they were just two years ago. Strict new protocols have been established and recommended by the CDC for businesses to reopen safely. Coping with the labor shortage, business owners are finding it almost impossible to find reliable, consistent cleaning services at the time they need it most. 

There is no business spared in the wake of the desperate need for a cleaning solution in the midst of a time period where experienced, hard-working cleaning specialists are hard to come by.  The country needs a solution- a reliable partner in moving through this shortage, and we needed it yesterday. Many property and business owners have found themselves frustrated with their current cleaning providers. Oftentimes cleaning crews don’t show for designated cleaning appointments at all, the work is sloppy, incomplete, and at the very best it’s been inconsistent. The cleaning crew gets a few chances, fails at every turn, and then the search for a new cleaning provider begins again and the vicious cycle repeats again. 

At Green Clean, we have seized the opportunity to build trust and confidence in the safety of our cleaned spaces to assist in smoothly transitioning people back into workspaces nationwide. Green Clean CEO, Elliott states that “By pivoting our business to accommodate the multiple scenarios property managers and business owners are facing, we are able to provide the necessary cleaning workforce that many companies are lacking”.  Green Clean has become more flexible than ever, answering the call to action- now offering intermittent cleaning services which is a slam dunk solution to bolster the labor shortage that the country is facing. 

Green Clean, as always, is happy to provide ongoing services for superior cleanings with new COVID cleaning recommendations on a consistent basis. But, if a business owner or property manager finds themselves disappointed one too many times with the current cleaning crew, Green Clean is poised to provide a fast replacement to keep your cleanings on schedule. As a matter of fact, we can deliver a cleaning quote in as little as 10 minutes. Rather than asking around for referrals or recommendations, our rapid quote delivery will keep you focused on the task at hand in less time than most meetings consume. Not only are the service offerings top-notch, but we are also able to start immediately after a quote is offered.

With flexible availability, Green Clean can service any property or business whenever you need it. Nationwide, Green Clean services are available over the night shift and weekends or weekdays. If your business or property needs a custom package, we can work that out too. You name it, we can do it. 

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