Knowing When It’s Time to Fire Your Cleaning Company

On Jul 6, 2021

If you’re paying good money to have a clean workspace, there is nothing more frustrating than when your cleaning crew under-delivers. Chances are, you’re not around when they’re working, and even if you were, you don’t want to follow them around to make sure they finish every item on the checklist you gave them. And honestly, you shouldn’t have to.

It’s also likely that you’re not the only one growing frustrated with the lack of consistent cleaning. As we’ve mentioned before, a messy workplace could be sending some pretty negative messages to your staff, whether you intend to or not.

If you’ve been frustrated with your current cleaning service, but have been dragging your feet on making a change, this checklist will help you decide.

It’s probably time to break up with your cleaning company if…

#1 You feel like you need to closely monitor your cleaning crew’s work during or after their shifts. And you always find things they missed.

#2 You’re already not satisfied with their work, and the more you think about it, you’re pretty sure you’re overpaying for mediocre service.

#3 It’s hard to communicate with your cleaning crew. Maybe a different person answers the phone every time you call or perhaps they do things the old-fashioned way—handwritten notes and checklists.

#4 Your company values the environment and wants to reduce its footprint, but your current cleaner isn’t a “green” company and they don’t use green products.

#5 You notice they’re using outdated cleaning methods or technology, for example, manually mopping a large area, instead of using a floor scrubbing machine that would cut their time in half.

#6 Your cleaning crew looks or acts unprofessionally when onsite. Sloppy uniforms often go hand in hand with sloppy cleaning.

We know this is an easy task to put off to another day. After all, your current provider is likely doing the basics—like taking out the trash and vacuuming—semi-regularly. But if they’re not meeting your standards today, despite thorough communication on your part, then you can rest assured that these frustrations will continue.

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to break up with your cleaning company, check out our blog on 9 Things Not to Do When Hiring a New Cleaning Company to make sure you don’t get stuck in this position again.


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