Four Places Your Cleaning Crew Forgot to Disinfect

On Aug 27, 2021

There are many reasons to prioritize hiring a solid commercial cleaning company, but one of the most important is that you want to provide a safe and sanitary workplace for your employees. Consistent and thorough cleaning procedures cut down on the spread of common colds, stomach bugs, and other illnesses (Hello, Covid-19) within that shared work environment.

Have you asked your cleaning crew for more information about their disinfection procedures? If not, you may want to. Those windows might be smudge-free and the carpets freshly vacuumed, but it can be difficult to know if they’re prioritizing this less visible but equally important element of cleaning your workspace.

Thorough sanitization should be a priority outside of the pandemic, but in the current climate, it’s become even more critical. We know now that Covid-19 can last for up to 72 hours on certain surfaces, so commonly used items may need more frequent disinfection than ever before.

Four places your cleaning crew might forget to disinfect:
  • Handles and Door Knobs – This includes fridge and dishwasher handles, coffee pot handles, and cabinet or drawer pulls. External door handles are big ones in this category because they receive so many touches per day.
  • Commonly Shared Office Items – We’re talking about the buttons on a copy machine, computer keyboards and mice, company phones, and the arms of chairs in common areas or conference rooms.
  • Items Touched When Moving Between Spaces – We already mentioned door knobs above, but what about elevator buttons and stair or hall railings?
  • Commonly Touched Items Unique To Your Space – This could include remote controls, the lever on a water cooler, window sills, and even that foosball table in the breakroom.

Bonus: Specifically in the case of a Covid-19 exposure within the workplace, your cleaning crew should also do their best to disinfect and/or circulate the air within the building as well. The CDC says that coronavirus particles can remain in the air for up to three hours. So, the faster the air is cleaned, the faster you can open up your doors.

Remember, appropriate disinfection procedures will kill off any current bacteria or viruses within the building, but it will not prevent them from being brought into the environment afterward. Disinfection is an ongoing process!

If you have any questions about recommended disinfection procedures, Green Clean would be happy to help. Our own process includes a touch-free fog machine that applies disinfectant to vertical and horizontal surfaces, among other methods.

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