Environmentally Friendly Practices for Spring Cleaning Services

On Mar 23, 2023

When the topic of saving the environment comes up, businesses rush to install solar panels and buy paper straws. But there are subtler methods that are still quite effective. One of these is switching over your commercial cleaning services to green cleaning.

Cleaning can be much more harmful to the environment than some might wish to believe. It dumps harsh chemicals into the water system and overuses endless disposable wipes. Nowhere is this more apparent than during your regular spring cleaning services.

So this spring, consider making a change. Hire cleaning services that adapt their processes to create less impact on our precious mother Earth. Keep reading as we discuss why this benefits you in more than just environmental conscientiousness.

How Can Typical Cleaning Harm the Environment?

The primary culprit is the chemicals that many cleaning services use. They include volatile components that, during the regular cleaning process, evaporate into the air. These pollutants contribute to health risks, poor indoor air quality, and even promote smog formation.

In the wild, many cleaning ingredients can disrupt the reproductive and endocrine systems of local species. It goes into the drains, eventually leaking at some point into the groundwater. It can take many years for these chemicals to biodegrade, and all the while they are toxic to wildlife.

Regular cleaning services produce a lot of waste. They use a lot of disposable paper towels and wipes, plastic gloves, and other single-use cleaning materials. This contributes to our already out-of-control garbage problem.

We could go on about ozone depletion and draining freshwater sources. But suffice it to say, the average janitorial service can have a significant impact on the environment.

Environmental and Health-Conscious Choices for Spring Cleaning Services

When you are shopping around for cleaners to do the spring cleaning for your commercial property, consider hiring green services. This isn’t just about improving your corporate image as an environmentally-conscious business. If health conscientiousness for you and your employees factors into the equation, there are additional benefits to be had.

Let’s look at some of the ways green cleaners can protect the environment while giving you the best spring cleaning you’ve ever had.

Using a Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution

Spring cleaning is a time for property managers to attack all the grime and dust that has built up during the winter. As such, it’s natural to expect an army of spray bottles and bucketfuls of concentrated solution. Though this will make the place sparkle like the Chrysler building, it comes at a cost.

Indoor air quality will suffer rather than get better. Strong cleaning products and artificial scents actually exacerbate allergies just like pet dander and pollen.

Non-toxic cleaning solutions do not include harmful volatile organic compounds, the primary cause of all these problems. They use biodegradable compounds that get the place clean without all the downsides.

Your workers will appreciate the effort. A clean workspace benefits productivity and mental health. It will also reduce the occurrence of respiratory disease and allergic reactions.

Airing Out the Place Naturally

Humans need fresh air and oxygen, but we often don’t realize when we are deprived of it. For this reason, you might begin to feel that a room is too stuffy; there is not enough airflow in and out.

Poor ventilation also has an effect on employee cognition. Just a tiny drop in the oxygen content in a given room can make people feel more tired, less sharp, and less enthusiastic.

Green cleaners use mother nature as much as they possibly can to get the job done. That includes airing the place out naturally to remove all the bad air that has been circulating all winter.

Reducing Waste

A big part of spring cleaning is dusting all those hard-to-reach surfaces. The colder winter months have given dust plenty of time to settle onto wall molding and hanging lights. There is a lot of work to do here, and most cleaning companies break out bulk packages of disposable paper towels.

Dusting, just like regular cleaning, can be quite wasteful with these paper-based cleaning products. A single team of cleaners can go through several trash bins’ worth of paper waste. Considering how much it pollutes the atmosphere to produce a single ream of paper towels, this is a bad environmental practice.

Further, recycling is not always up to the task of reprocessing paper waste. It’s better instead to use fabric towels to do the dusting and cleaning.

Green cleaners make sure only to use a minimal amount of paper towels during the dusting and cleaning process. They use biodegradable products that they know won’t sit in a landfill forever.

Cutting Down on Water Usage

It’s easy to waste hundreds of gallons of water during a regular cleaning. Most of it goes to mopping, or automatic floor cleaning machines. It puts a huge dent in your water bill, and robs the environment of an already limited resource.

Green cleaners reduce water usage to the bare minimum to get the job done. They try to do more with less, without sacrificing overall cleanliness. It’s a small thing, but it does make a difference in the end.

Get Your Spring Cleaning Services with Green Clean Commercial

Spring cleaning services will soon be on your calendar, but this year, consider hiring green cleaning services. They can help you maintain your commitment to protecting the environment without sacrificing cleanliness at the office. An office without the use of harsh chemicals and fresheners will have better indoor air quality and comfort overall.

Green Clean Commercial provides the latest in green cleaning technology to professionals from all major industries. Visit our website and see why you should switch to a green cleaner.

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