Meet Green Clean Commercial

We are the respected leader in national janitorial cleaning services with a laser focus on commercial properties and facilities.

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Why Green Clean?

  • NWe provide janitorial services to Fortune 500 companies
  • NWe are innovators in national multi-location commercial green cleaning services and software technology
  • NTop level customer service for both staffing and contract cleaning services
  • NSpecialized in LEED facilities cleaning
  • NDirect ONE source account manager and onsite supervisors
  • NMaintaining over a 95% client retention rate
  • NNational janitorial service cleaning experts
  • NProviding ongoing proprietary training for our employees
  • N30+ years combined experience in the industry

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning (n) – cleaning commercial properties and facilities to protect health while minimizing the negative effects on the environment.

Green cleaning programs promote health, safety and social consciousness. Processes focus on improving indoor air quality, recycling and minimizing the use of raw materials and toxic products that require disposal.

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How Does Green Cleaning Commercial Benefit You?

  • RHelps decrease air pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change
  • RReduces health problems associated with allergens, chemical sensitivities and contaminants, such as mold and bacteria
  • RIncreases worker satisfaction, improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism and promote productivity, efficiency and retention
  • RBenefits of green cleaning programs are well documented
  • R Helps reduce the cost to building management and tenants, including costs associated with sick leave and productivity loss
  • REnhances an organizations reputation and brand equity, because being socially conscious has become a desirable business trait