Benefits of Green and Eco-Friendly Dental Office Cleaning Services

On Jul 21, 2022

As a dental office, you need to do everything in your power to stand out as a business.

With almost 200,000 dental practices in the United States, it’s more important than ever to make yours unique so that you get more patients coming to your practice.

But how? One way to stand out is by how you go about your dental office cleaning services. Hiring a green cleaning company can show your commitment to going green, attracting many patients to your practice.

Want to hear more about the benefits of using a green cleaning company? Keep reading!

Healthier Employees

When you use a cleaning company that is not green, there are often toxic chemicals and cleaning supplies that are used. This means long after the cleaning, the toxins are still lingering in the air. These toxins can lead to damage to the cardiovascular, endocrine, and respiratory functions in humans and animals.

Your employees will feel better when the office is clean, but even better when the office is clean from non-toxic chemicals. There won’t be any health issues attached to the cleaning supplies, and your employees can work worry-free.

Not only will they be healthier, but since using non-toxic chemicals can make employees healthier overall, they can actually be more productive in the workplace. This means the ability to have more patients and more revenue for your dental practice.

Environmentally Friendly

Now that it is 2022, there is a huge push to be more environmentally friendly, to make sure that we don’t create more climate change and hurt our earth even more than it already is.

Chemicals can be quite harmful to the environment, impacting it not just for the time being, but for years to come. The toxins in cleaning chemicals that are not green will cause damage to the plants, animals, and humans in the ecosystem. They will also cause damage to the Ozone layer, which is the main factor for why our world is experiencing climate change unlike anything before.

It also affects the waterways and clean water sources in the environment. When toxins run out of commercial buildings, they can get into the ground, and then find their way into water sources like rivers and lakes around the area.

Not only do green cleaning services use non-toxic chemicals, but they are also aware of every other product they use. Paper towels? Nah.

Using reusable cloths is the way to go to reduce waste and the impact on the environment. Even the equipment can be environmentally friendly as well!

Safer Indoor Environment for Patients

Not only are you helping the outdoor environment be cleaner and safer, but when you choose a green cleaning company, you are choosing to keep your indoor environment cleaner as well.

This doesn’t just benefit your employees. It also benefits your patients that come in and out of the office.

Posting about what you do on your website in terms of cleaning may actually bring more people in. Who cleans the office may not have been something they thought about before until reading a blurb on your website. It is crucial to let everyone know who you are as a company and what you stand for in terms of being green.

The second they realize this, if they’re looking around, they’ll also be looking for how other dental companies go about their office cleanings. Odds are, not everyone uses a green company, so they’ll be coming to you as a new patient!

Uncompromised Cleaning Quality

Even though your cleaning company would be using green supplies, this doesn’t mean the cleaning quality is compromised. In fact, people who work with a green cleaning company are healthier (and probably happier), which may mean they’ll clean your space even better!

Not only that, but nontoxic chemicals will actually help your space. Toxic chemicals can cause corrosion and problems over time in your space but with nontoxic chemicals, you don’t have to worry about the chemicals corroding different things in your space, like the counters you work on, and the reception area, or anywhere else.

Improved Reputation

When the word gets out about who you are as a company and your determination to hire green cleaning services and be green, your dental practice will instantly become more popular.

People love it when companies are trying to be more sustainable. In fact, 60% of consumers actually care about sustainability when they consume products and services. Because of this, more potential patients will choose your practice over a practice that is not green or has never even considered going green.

However, you have to make it known that you are using green cleaning services! Talk about it with your patients, post on your website, post in your office space, and create some posts on social media to inform current and potential patients about what you are doing to be more sustainable.

Go Green With Your Dental Office Cleaning Services

Why not go green with your dental office cleaning services?

There are so many benefits to using an eco-friendly cleaning company for your dental practice. From the safety of your employees and your patients to an improved reputation and healthier environment, you are doing your part to make a change in our world.

If you are ready to make the switch to green cleaning services, don’t hesitate! Contact us today so we can get started making your space a cleaner and better space for all!

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