5 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Retail Store Cleaning Services

On Nov 7, 2022

One of the most dangerous chemicals you can encounter in the world is also used in popular cleaning products. Bleach is harmful to your lungs, kills plant life, and can cause extensive environmental damage. There’s a good chance that your current cleaning service uses it throughout every part of your building.

When you outsource your retail store cleaning services, it’s important to make sure that they’re doing their part in protecting the environment. With an eco-friendly cleaning service, you can be sure that they do their job using safe products that are good for your employees and the environment.

Here are five benefits of eco-friendly retail store cleaning you can expect.

1. Avoid Unhealthy Side Effects

Most cleaning products are made to sterilize, clean away oil and grime, and deter the regrowth of bacteria and mold. However, they often use toxic and harmful chemicals to accomplish that task.

In particular, shady companies will use products with ingredients that are unsafe to breathe in and dangerous for the environment.

For example, ammonia is a well-known cleanser that occurs in nature. However, it can irritate your lungs, throat, and eyes. If those vapors stick around after a deep cleaning, then both your employees and any guests put themselves in danger.

Additionally, if ammonia is used in conjunction with bleach, it produces chloramine gas. This gas is very toxic to both people and animals, and you may get sick and damage your lungs.

As for the environment, SLS and SLES are both common surfactants that are toxic to aquatic life. They’re used in any cleansing product, ranging from dish soap to shampoos. Even if the ingredient is derived from coconut oil, the manufacturing process still produces a dangerous byproduct.

2. Reduce Waste and Environmental Impact

The next benefit of eco-friendly retail store cleaning services is that they’re safer for the environment. What does that mean in practice, though?

First, these services reduce the amount of waste they produce in their daily operations. That may involve using reusable items, like rags instead of paper towels or refillable spray bottles instead of disposable ones. They also most likely use recyclable items, like cloth bags and washable gloves.

Second, the products they use are less toxic and biodegradable. That doesn’t mean that all safe products are natural. In fact, ammonia is found in nature but is toxic to most animal life.

These dangerous ingredients are often manufactured and not naturally occurring in the world. When introduced to the environment, they don’t break down. They can harm the surrounding wildlife and plant life and poison water supplies.

Furthermore, most cleaning products come in bottles made out of plastic that doesn’t break down in the wild. When emptied, most people toss them in the garbage.

3. Gentle Cleansers That Are Safer to Use

Gentle cleansers are products formulated with milder ingredients that are less harmful to anything they touch. When it comes to bathroom products, a gentle cleanser won’t strip your skin or hair and leave it dry.

Applied to cleaning products, you can expect them to be safe to work with on different surfaces. For example, you can’t use the same cleaning spray on wood furnishings that you used on tile floors. It would strip away the lacquer and leave streaks on them.

Green cleaning products used by an eco-friendly cleaning service are generally safer to use on all surfaces. There’s less concern about damaging the floor or signs. These products are also less caustic for humans to handle, so you won’t end up with any skin irritation or burning eyes.

Some cleaning ingredients that are natural and safe to use include white vinegar, borax, and citrus extract. Although hydrogen peroxide is manufactured, it’s completely safe to use and is made up of water with an oxygen molecule.

Clorox has also gotten in on safer products with their compostable cleaning wipes. They work on various different hard surfaces like wood, granite, or steel.

4. Paperless Operations

In addition to the retail store cleaning products used, you can expect that eco-friendly outlook to extend throughout their overall operations. One way they do so is by going paperless.

Green cleaning companies use modern technology to go digital with their billing, invoicing, and other communication needs. That way, they don’t overuse paper.

As you may or may not know, the production of paper requires thousands of gallons of water and requires cutting down trees that are important for oxygen production. Avoiding paper products helps limit their negative impact on the environment.

It isn’t just paper that’s harmful, though. Printers require ink that could contain harmful chemicals. Improper disposal of printers and ink can also damage the environment.

5. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Another way green retail store cleaning company differs from others is that they use high-end equipment like HEPA vacuums. High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuums contain filters to catch small air particles. In traditional vacuums, those particles would get released back into the air.

One example of why someone would use a HEPA vacuum is when dealing with lead dust cleaning. Lead dust particles are around 2 or 3 microns in size, and normal vacuums don’t catch anything under 50 microns.

Using superior equipment results in air that has been cleaned of pollen, dust, and airborne bacteria.

In addition, green cleaning products used by these service providers linger less in the air. Most of them use natural oils instead of strong perfumes. The scent from the oils dissipates much quicker and is much less likely to agitate allergies.

Try Out Eco-Friendly Retail Store Cleaning Services

Something as simple as how you clean your commercial building doesn’t seem like a big issue as long as the job gets done. However, the chemicals used may negatively affect your employees and visitors. Some people also care about their impact on the environment.

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