4 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Green Cleaning

On Aug 16, 2021

It may seem like everyone is “going green” these days. (As we should!) Sometimes it’s nothing but a marketing gimmick, but ideally, it refers to a company-wide shift toward making more environmentally friendly choices. This can include reducing or recycling waste, using recycled materials, choosing suppliers that prioritize sustainability, switching to biodegradable packaging, and so on.

A commercial green cleaning company will strive to reduce any harmful impact on your employees, as well as the environment. They’ll factor this into what cleaning products and machinery they use, where their paper products come from, and appropriately disposing or recycling materials.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why green cleaning is better:

#1 Know exactly what’s in the products that your cleaning crew is using

Green products usually have a smaller ingredient list that is full of natural and effective ingredients.

#2 Reduces risk of harm to your employees

Many conventional cleaning products contain harsh, toxic chemicals. While they are effective at cleaning, they can also irritate the skin, cause rashes or chemical burns, and even be absorbed into the body.

#3 Improves overall air quality

Those toxic chemicals don’t stop at doing damage when coming directly into contact with skin. Some also leave harmful particles (and unpleasant smells) in the air, which will be inhaled by your employees and potentially causing sneezing, coughing, and headaches.

#4 Better for the environment

Many suppliers of green cleaning products prioritize sustainability at every stage of their process, including where they purchase materials, production, shipping, and the later disposal of their used product.

At the end of the day, green cleaning is better for you, your employees, and the world at large. By choosing a green cleaning company, you’re putting your dollars behind a company that is in line with your ethics and priorities.

And don’t worry, green cleaning products will still protect your team from the Covid-19 virus.


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