3 Key Components Your Cleaning Provider Could Be Missing

On Apr 26, 2021

If you’re looking to work with a cleaning provider, don’t overlook these 3 key components providers are often missing. If you’ve already taken the steps to partner, you may have experienced these frustrations.  

1. All-Encompassing Cleaning Services

You hire a cleaning provider to cover all your cleaning needs…and then they can’t. It’s not often that cleaning providers are truly full-service. Other than the basic cleaning needs for your facility, but are they able to complete windows, floor work, porter services, etc.? Are they charging a fixed price for their cleanings, including disinfection, or are they charging add ons for anything above the basics?  

2. Concise Communication

Good communication is the only way we can deliver consistent, high-performance cleaning services to our customers. We also know you hire a cleaning service to understand your needs and take the stress of a clean environment off your plate. Through great technology and app-based communication, we’re able to provide real-time reporting and visibility for you to take in on your own time. A few examples of how we track and communicate cleaning: 

  • GPS employee tracking and hours 
  • Cleaning instructions with pictures 
  • App-based text communications 
  • Easy to read inspection emails 

3. Tailored Services

Cleaning isn’t a one size fits all experience. We have a staff of fully trained and experienced management, team leaders, and cleaning professionals to tailor our services based upon each individual client’s needs. This ensures you’re getting top-level service and our staff has sufficient time to work toward the clean you need…every time.

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